When delivering solutions to clients Exasoft are often called upon to provide additional supporting services in order to meet client requirements and expected outcomes. 
These services primarily include Consultancy, Development and Training but can also include Case Audit Reviews and Case Processing. 

Additional information on these services is outlined below. 


Exasoft offers a variety of client solutions surrounding a number of critical business areas. We recognise that some clients may decide that their business requirements justify an adapted or bespoke solution to achieve the desired outcome.

Our experienced Consultants can help identify these requirements and deliver a solution that is right for you and your business.

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Case Processing

We can undertake full case processing on behalf of clients using our solutions. This service is available for small medium and large volumes and we will happily provide you with an estimate of the time and associated costs for the service.

All cases will be dealt with by fully trained staff who have an in depth knowledge of our solution and related components.

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Case Audit and Reviews

Using our acquired knowledge of mortgage endowments, investments and PPI amongst other product lines we can provide a review of your internal case handling procedures. We have conducted a large number of reviews for a variety of companies to ensure they are dealing with cases correctly, achieving predefined objectives and to confirm the accuracy of calculations.

Our reviews are highly confidential and focus on the calculation process and results rather than any internal decision making process which is the preserve of the client company.

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Exasoft offers clients assistance when undertaking a financial provisioning exercise using our software. The company can help in identifying what likely financial resources will be required to address a particular risk.  Risk exposure is often determined by a sample set of calculations which will then be applied to the entire portfolio in order to determine the size of the provision required. 

By running accurate sample calculations, Exasoft is able to identify what the appropriate financial provisioning requirements will be for a particular portfolio.

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Although our solutions have been developed to be as intuitive as possible training is a must in order to gain the maximum benefit from any deployment.  We offer a range of standard training courses as well as the ability to customise courses particularly where bespoke system enhancements have been delivered. 

Standard Training Courses

  • Introductory Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training

Additional and Bespoke Training Courses

  • Refresher Courses
  • Bespoke Courses (based upon client requirements)

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Development Services

We offer bespoke development services surrounding the company core solution and more general development services which match with the company’s experience and skill set.

Company development services surround:

  • Letter and form generation
  • Producing cheques and tax certificates where redress or refunds are required
  • Bespoke system development relating to our core system components

More general development services would include:

  • Web based calculators
  • Enhancements to or replacement of existing customer facing quotation engines

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