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Investment redress

Compare Funds, Stocks & Shares, Indices, Commodities and ISA’s

Daily downloads for;

•   FTSE WMA (formerly APCIMS) funds

•   Bank of England fixed rate (IUMWTFA)

•   Bank of England base rate

•   CPI and RPI

•   Average weekly earnings (AWE)

Batch processing

High volume solution for financial redress

Integrated case and transaction load facility

•    Scalable solution ideal for small, medium and large scale
     remediation programmes

•    Comprehensive list of data loading options definable within

•    Reprocessing options for failed cases

•    Configurable wizard engine for rule based processing

•    Mail merge and formatted data output options

•    Ideal for proactive reviews and large scale remediation
     (CCA loans, Mortgages, PPI, Investments etc.)

Mortgage analysis

Underfunding, forecasting, reconstruction...

Comprehensive list of customer specific adjustments allowing
for a very precise reconstruction of loan accounts;

•   Fixed, discount, variable or tracker interest rates

•   Bank of England Base Rate, Libor

•   Fees, charges and term adjustments

•   Deferred, offset and future affordability

•   Endowment, PPI, DTA or other assurance

•   Period breakdown of interest and payments

Insurance redress

Payment protection, whole of life, CPP...

Calculating redress involves many key customer specific items;

•   Single premium or regular premium

•   Annual increase linked to AWE, CPI, RPI or other

•   Attached to loan, mortgage or credit card

•   Interest based on court, Libor, BOE or other rate

•   Tax % based on fixed or varying amounts

•   4 weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual fees
    and premiums

•   Comparative redress


Effective Risk Management

One purpose-built system to manage various types of redress

Key facts about redress;

•   Redress is here to stay and ineffective manage is costly

•   Creating and relying on spreadsheets for redress gives short term
    benefit but increases risk

•   Accurate and consistent redress is essential to ensure you are 
    treating customers fairly

•   Groups can use a single system for cross brand management

•   Most widely used commercial system within the UK

Redress Manager Wizards

Defining screens and workflows to meet your case requirements

Simple bespoke screens;

•   Separate wizards can be created for different case types,
    simplifying data entry

•   Wizards can be used to automate your processes,
    including mail merge

•   Logic can be included to check data items and report
    back on inconsistencies

•   Wizards save time and reduce the chance of user error

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Exasoft Plc provide systems to calculate redress for PPI, Investments, Mortgage endowments / pensions, loans and under-funding. In addition, we provide tools to aid in the sale of mortgages & savings products. Exasoft Plc is not regulated and therefore unable to give financial advice.