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We were initially brought in to process calculations only for this very large rectification (c.500,000 accounts, over 1 million letters) involving several large mortgage books.

Initially we built a bespoke calculation wizard to allow entry of data and the calculation and this then developed into a batch solution.

We worked onsite and offsite with the client and within 2 months we were sending letters to customers.

Another party was involved in producing the data for this rectification and we then provided the workflow for calculations, production of letters, update files for the core systems and output of result files for cheque production and to meet MI requirements.

Our system was also used for furthers to process D&I and consequential loss and for reminder letters.

The letter requirements within this rectification were very complex as we had to handle open/closed accounts for multiple brands and a variety of scenario's.

Our Redress Manager solution was used for the workflow processing including the various QA steps and external updates and our letter module was used to produce the complex letters, with these then being printed by Communisis.

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