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Redress Manager is continually developing to meet the growth area of complaint and we can incorporate bespoke elements to meet with your specific requirements.


Mail merge

Ability to produce customer letters and calculations sheets

Batch processing

Load data in customer, account and transactional data from core systems to be processed as part of rectification

Letters and cheques

Letters and cheques module for defining templates for pdf documents with printing via Communisis


We have a team of professionals that can map out a workflow for your rectification process including critical QA points

Data manipulation

We can assist with retrieving the correct data from your systems and use our tools to manipulate your data

Batch scheduler

Manages workflow for data including extraction, calculation, QA and letter production

In Built Lenders

Full list of lenders 

Multiple User Interfaces

Change your interface to suit your specific requirements

Bespoke Templates

Create templates specific to you 

In Built Content Management

Modify content to meet your specific needs

Full Case Management

and MI Reporting! 

Financial Accuracy

Up to a penny in accuracy! 

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